Let's stay, repose and play together
UAB "Laganis" established on November 6, 2002
We are engaged in design and manufacture Eco-friendly folding chairs, table and outdoor games, as well as manufacture of sliding doors and wardrobes.

Eco-friendly folding chair
  • It is a convenient folding chair which is indispensable in the everyday life, while fishing, traveling, making picnic in the countryside, during diverse mass events.
  • It is an ecological product made of recycled paper using no glue or similar stuffs.
  • It is a folded chair wchich was tested by furniture certification center, it holds out 110 kg of static load,the seat doesn,t reach moisture if you put the chair into the water (into a 25 mm depth bog), the chair itself decreases by 25 mm.
  • It is a light and playful chair witch is easy to fold and disassemble,it is practical and strong and takes almost no space in your store-room or in the baggage carrier.

  • Outdoor game
  • This is an outdoor game loved by people of different nations ("Kubb" in Sverige, "Gorodki" - in Rusia).
  • Targets and a "guard" (obstacle) are allocated in the outdoor field. It is forbidden to blow down the guard during the game.Targets have to be shot with the lowest number of thorows.The size of the field depends on the age of players and available possibilities.
  • The game set consists of 6 Eco-friendly chairs and 6 sticks.
  • Have a nice and safe game!

  • Table games
  • A games for children over 5, their parents and everybody willing to have a nice time. The task is to earn points wich are calculated after whirligigs fall. Have a nice game!

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